Whether you need to hire a ute for work or personal use, you don’t want to spend too much. A reliable vehicle is a must, but you still want to get a good deal on whatever you choose to hire. Fortunately, there are ways you can save some money and stick to a budget whenever you might need to hire a ute. There are some great deals available and some tips and tricks you can use to keep your spending as low as possible.

Before you book with the first ute hire company you come across, take a look at this advice to stay within your budget.

Get the Right Sized Truck

Planning ahead can do a lot to save you money. A big part of that is ensuring you get the right-sized ute for your needs. There’s not much point in hiring a larger ute if you don’t actually need that much space in the back. So think about what it is you actually need to carry and how much space you’re going to need in the bed of the truck. You’ll avoid overpaying by getting a ute that’s the right size for your needs.


Compare Prices For UTE Hire

Whatever you’re spending your money on, it always makes sense to compare the prices available. Take a look at different companies, as well as how certain factors might affect the final price you pay. You could save more depending on the company you choose, the vehicle you select, or even the day you want to hire a ute. When you get quotes, make sure you know what’s included in the price. Abel Truck has definitely the best prices against competitors. Check it out! 


Book Online

One of the easiest ways to save money on ute hire is by booking online. Online bookings are often a lot more convenient for hire companies, so they love customers who choose to book online. It’s convenient for you too, allowing you to book your ute without having to make a phone call or visit the hire company. At Abel Truck, you can get huge savings by booking online and paying when you pick up your chosen vehicle.


Look at Additional Costs

Don’t forget to check what’s included in the price you’re given and what additional costs you might need to pay. One example of an additional cost is paying to reduce the excess you would owe in the event of an accident. Many drivers feel that they don’t need to pay this because they’re confident that having an accident on the road is unlikely. The large majority of customers are able to safely return their hired vehicle without having an accident, so paying to reduce your excess can be an unnecessary expense.

Be sure to check the cost of pre-authorisation too. This is used to check that you can afford the rental and that your card is valid.


Be a Little More Flexible

Sometimes if you’re willing to be more flexible, you might be able to save some extra money. For example, hiring a vehicle in the winter can be cheaper compared to doing so at other times of year. You can also find that certain hire companies might have special offers at specific times. If you’re not doing something that has to be done right away, waiting until the right time could help you save money.


Check the Cancellation Fee For UTE Hire

Cancellation fees are commonly charged by ute hire companies. They help to cover the cost of the inconvenience when you cancel at the last minute. This is something that can be useful to check when you’re trying to find the right price. You might not plan to make a cancellation, but it could happen if something unexpected comes up and you can’t pick up the ute you booked anymore. It’s worth knowing how much you might need to pay if you do have to cancel.


Care for It Like It’s Your Own 

Of course, you need to be careful with any vehicle you hire. It has to be returned in the same condition you collected it in, which means treating it as your own. Drive it as you would drive your own car, and bring it back in good condition. If you damage it in any way, you will have to pay to fix it. So try your best to prevent that from happening if you want to save money.

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