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    Pricing & Billing FAQ

    • What is the bond/pre authorisation and how long is held for?

      The bond (which is $500 for all vehicles) is required for every rental, it is not held by Abel. It’s simply verification to us that there are funds available and the credit card is legitimate. The amount is held by your bank and is released depending on their release schedule. Abel is never in control of the location or the release of these funds. The release time is within 7 business days if you bank with NAB, CBA, Westpac or ANZ; within 14 business days if you bank with BOQ, Suncorp, St George, Citibank, Heritage, BankWest or Bendigo. All credit unions or international banks can take up to 21 business days.

    • Can I use another person’s credit card to pay for my rental car?

      Another person’s credit card may be used provided they are present at the branch at the time of rental with a valid driving licence. If they will not be driving they will still need to present a valid form of photo identification.

    • What are the special conditions if I have a Visa or MasterCard DEBIT card?

      If you have a Visa or MasterCard DEBIT card you will be subject to different conditions of rental. If you choose to leave your financial liability at the standard amount then you must have enough funds available on your DEBIT card to cover your liability. If however, you choose to reduce your liability (Click here for full details) then your deposit remains the same as listed above. Please note: Abel does not accept pre-paid Visa or Master cards or Load and Go debit cards.

    • What is involved in renting a car?

      The Abel rental experience is something that we’re particularly proud of, we even have a quick 2min video that you can watch by clicking here. You simply place your booking via our website, phone the reservations centre or visit one of our locations. Once your booking is made all the main driver needs is a credit card in their name with enough funds for the pre authorisation and an open driving licence. The Abel customer service officer will walk you through the rental agreement and options available. Once the rental agreement is signed we will walk around and check the vehicle for damage and you’re on the road! Once you return we check the vehicle is the same condition as it went out and we’re done. Easy.

    • Can I use a Debit Card?

      Debit Cards can be now used for both Rental Payments and Security Bond payments. Please note: Special Conditions apply for Visa and MasterCard DEBIT cards, please click here for more information.

    • How does the toll system work?

      Your Abel rental vehicle is not fitted with a toll tag and you will be responsible for the payment of any tolls. Full information is available from the toll web site – – or by calling them on (13 33 31). Please Note: You have three days from the date of going through any toll to pay, either on-line at the above link or by phone. Renters / credit card holder is responsible for any and all toll and infringement fines and the related charges. Click here to see a list of Abel’s Fee Schedule.

    • Should I reduce the amount I have to pay if I have an accident?

      If you trust yourself and the other drivers on the road then the rates above are the final price. Reducing the amount you pay in the event of an accident is sometimes also referred to as reducing your excess liability or Multi Vehicle Damage Liability Waiver We give you the option to reduce the amount you will pay, if you are involved multi vehicle accident. This option is standard when renting a vehicle from any company.

    • How much does it cost me if I have an accident?

      If you have a multi vehicle accident then the excess you will pay is $1,200 with your excess reduced. If you do not reduce you excess liability then you will pay $6,600 if you have a multi vehicle accident.

    • How much does it cost to reduce my excess?

      In order to reduce your multi vehicle accident excess for a truck, it is $52.5 per day including GST. You can add this when booking your truck online.

    • 99% of our customers do not have accidents

      People hire trucks off us everyday. All we ask is that you drive the vehicle as if it was your own. In the event that you damage a truck you have to pay to fix it. Similarly if you damaged your own car or borrowed a mates vehicle, you would have to pay excess. This is an industry standard practice.

    • What is the security bond pre-authorisation for?

      Just like when you arrive at a hotel, there is a security pre-authorisation applied to your credit card. ABEL’s truck hire security pre-authorisation bond is $500. At no point is this security hold taken from your account.

    • How much is charged as a cancellation fee?

      We aim to have as many vehicles available for anyone who needs on. So if you cancel, this can inconvenience other people who want to have a vehicle available. Our booking cancellation fee is $45.00.

    For more information please visit our FAQ page.

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