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What our clients say

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Cheap And Reliable Trucks In Brisbane



Searching for a cheap and reliable truck hire in Brisbane? Abel’s fleet of 3-tonne Isuzu Pantechs is what you’re looking for. Our trucks deliver all the features you want in any good truck hire, providing the perfect balance between price, space, and performance.

Whether you’re moving house, transporting equipment, or simply looking for an easy way to move things around and keep them out of the weather, you can count on our trucks to do the job.

Starting at just $95 per day, Abel is easily one of the most affordable choices in the market. And if you want even more value for your money – and you’re flexible on your rental dates – consider renting on weekdays, when truck hire is even cheaper.

There’s a reason why we’re consistently one of the top choices for a truck hire Brisbane wide: our trucks offer easy moving and transport at low, affordable prices. Hire your truck today by calling us at 1300 13 14 29, or book online now.

Easy Drive, Easy Move

When you’re renting a truck, the last thing you want is to be handed a truck that just doesn’t drive well. You want one that’s easy to handle, spacious, and capable of storing and protecting your things. And that’s exactly what our trucks offer: a driver-friendly vehicle that works and handles just the way you want it.

Our trucks’ standard features include:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Power Steering
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Anti-slip Regulation (ASR)
  • Seat belts and SRS airbags
  • Power windows
  • Reverse alarm

With features like these, you can expect your drive to always be smooth and safe.

Our trucks’ 4-cylinder diesel engines, meanwhile, ensure excellent fuel economy wherever you go. This means you can increase your overall savings even more, keeping your transport costs to a minimum by saving on petrol, especially if you’re transporting things over a long distance.

Size and functionality aside, our trucks drive much like any other regular car. We know that the safer and more comfortable you are, the easier your drive will be.Abel-Truck

Performance and Function

As comfortable as our trucks are, we know that comfort alone won’t cut it – your truck should also perform. And that’s why we’ve chosen Isuzu Pantechs for our fleet: they provide all the standard features and tools you look for in any reliable truck hire.

Our trucks’ hydraulic tailgate loaders, for example, can handle up to 500kg payloads, allowing you to move and transport heavy items faster and in fewer trips. Heated electric mirrors and spot mirrors, meanwhile, provide better lines of sight and clearer views.

And unlike other truck hire Brisbane offers, we also provide rental of a variety of transport tools and equipment. These accessories include:

  • Trolleys
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Boxes
  • Ropes and cables
  • Moving blankets
  • GPS units
  • Ladder racks
  • Many more

Rent some of these tools together with your truck, and there’s practically nothing you can’t move with Abel.

Remember: if you’ve been searching for removalists in Brisbane, we offers a far more cost effective option with our excellent truck hire rates. Compare prices today, and you’ll save more than you think with Abel!

If it’s a reliable truck hire company in Brisbane you’re after, then Abel is exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today, and start moving.


Isuzu Pantech Features

We had plenty of moving trucks to choose from for our fleet, but few could compare to the overall value and comfort offered by Isuzu Pantechs. Here’s why:

  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
  • Driver’s Side Airbags
  • Contoured, adjustable driver’s seat
  • Fits up to 3 adults

Additional Information

Near or far, our truck hire Brisbane wide will help you transport your items safely to their destination. Although travelling within certain distances is free, you may incur distance charges when travelling outside our standard distance packages. Please keep the following in mind when renting our trucks:

  • Excess mileage charged at 45 cents per kilometre
  • Additional refuelling fee will be charged if applicable
  • Offers subject to availability & terms and conditions

For more information and a better estimate of your overall truck hire costs, please enquire with any of our friendly consultants by calling 1300 13 14 29.

Safety Features

We take your safety very seriously at Abel, and we see to it that our trucks are fitted with all the safety features you need to travel safely. Rest assured, our Isuzu Pantechs are fitted with industry-standard features such as:

  • A/C Cabin
  • Full seatbelts
  • Suspension in Good Working Order
  • ABS Breaks
  • SRS Air Bags

Our trucks are also regularly checked and maintained in between jobs to make sure that every truck is good to go whenever a customer rents it.

Comfort Features

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Power Steering
  • Seats 3 people

Interior Features

Stay comfortable throughout your trip with our trucks’ cosy interiors and standard vehicle comforts. Each truck includes:

  • Contoured adjustable driver’s bucket seat.
  • Front passenger bench seat with 2 seat capacity.
  • Full interior trim, padded roof lining and vinyl floor covering. Driver and passenger windscreen header storage shelf.
  • Tilt/Telescopic adjustable steering column, soft feel urethane steering wheel.

Vehicle Specifications

When it comes to truck hire, it’s the small details that often make the most difference. We chose Isuzu Pantechs for this reason: They provide an outstanding set of features and fittings that are perfectly suited for our customers’ transport activities. These features include:

  • All steel construction. High tensile steel used for cab underframe. Manual cab tilt to 45 with torsion bar assistance.
  • Liquid filled front and rear cab mounts.
  • Heavy duty non slip entry steps.
  • 90 degree opening internally reinforced front doors.
  • Water spray suppression guards and front mudflaps.
  • Laminated windscreen with shade band.
  • Two speed windscreen wipers with intermittent wipe mode.
  • Halogen multi-reflector headlamps incorporating turn signals. Additional door mounted side indicator lamps.
  • Combination brake, turn, reverse and marker lamps, registration plate
  • Illumination lamps. Extended wiring harness. Reverse alarm.
  • Roof-mounted clearance lamps.
  • Heated and powered exterior main mirrors with flat glass and additional independently adjustable convex spot mirrors.
  • Internal Box Dimensions: 4250 long x 2450 wide x 1950 high
  • 6 pallets.

Got a Licence? That’s Practically All You Need!

At Abel, we make it easier than ever to hire a truck. All you need is an open automatic car licence and we’ll take care of everything else for you.

Fully equipped moving truck? Check.

Standard safety features included? Check.

Extra transport equipment available for hire? Check.

We understand that you as a customer just want to get the rental process done as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve set up and prepared all our trucks beforehand so that the process is always quick and easy. With Abel, you won’t have to worry about getting your truck hire in Brisbane equipped and ready for your move. All you need is your automatic car licence and a credit card for payment, and you’re good to go!

Please keep in mind that drivers must be at least 21 years old to hire one of our trucks. Furthermore, any drivers below the age of 25 will be subjected to a daily age surcharge.

Top Notch Truck Hire Brisbane Wide

No matter where in Brisbane you may be, there’ll be an Abel branch nearby that you can visit and hire a truck from. We have three offices strategically located along major highways in Brisbane, allowing you to easily visit the branch that suits you best.

You can hire our trucks from any of the following locations:


495 Logan Road Greenslopes QLD 4120

1300 13 14 29

Hire Your Truck Now

When it comes to truck hire that you can always trust, Abel has long been the top choice in Brisbane. Our service is designed with the casual driver in mind, offering a truck hire Brisbane enjoys,  that delivers without breaking your wallet.

You’ll find few trucks more suited to your needs than our fleet of Isuzu Pantechs, and even fewer deals more valuable and cost-effective than our service packages at Abel.

Hire a truck today by calling us at 1300 13 14 29. Alternatively, you can also book online to get instant quotes for your truck hire.

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