Moving house can be a stressful and tiring activity – not to mention an expensive one. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you plan it properly and do it at the right time, it won’t be as exhausting – or costly – as it normally is.

In most cases, we found the difference often lies not in how many things you have to move but when you decide to do it. And for many, it often boils down to choosing between moving on a weekend or a weekday. So which one is better?

Having rented our vans and trucks to many movers throughout the years, we’ve found that more often than not, it’s better to move on a weekday. Here’s why:

Cheaper rentals

If you want to move your things quickly and efficiently, you’ll need to hire a truck to transport them to their new location. The great thing about hiring trucks on weekdays, though, is that they’ll often be cheaper during these days. Weekends are typically peak periods for truck rentals, and many truck hire companies take advantage of this by charging higher rates.

By choosing to move on weekdays and booking your truck rentals during these times, you can get cheaper rates and perhaps even rental packages that can save you more money. Many truck hire companies routinely offer rental promos and sales packages during weekdays because of lesser demand in these periods. Take advantage of this and move on weekdays if possible to avail cheaper rates.


Full service hours

Moving and transporting equipment can be time-consuming, and it’s not unusual for it to last the whole day if you want to finish it in one go. If you want to complete your move in a single day, then you need moving services to be available for most of the day. And although many truck hire companies offer weekend services, these weekend hours are typically shorter than your average weekday business hours.

By moving on weekdays and booking your services on these dates, you can take advantage of longer service hours and even more comprehensive services.

More availability

As mentioned earlier, weekends are often peak periods for moving. If you’ve planned your move well in advance and booked your services accordingly, moving on weekends may not be an issue. But if you’re moving soon and looking to save some money doing it, then weekday bookings will likely be your better option.

With most other people moving and hiring these services on weekends, booking a service during these peak periods can be difficult. This higher demand for weekend services means there’ll often be little to no availability for those who haven’t booked ahead of time. And if you do find availability for a weekend service, it’ll usually come at more expensive rates and in limited capacities.

Avoid these hassles and headaches by planning your move on weekdays instead. Not only will you have more availability options but you’ll also likely get it at a cheaper rate too.


More space, fewer people

If you have many things to move and require plenty of space on-site to move it, then weekdays are the days to do it. Neighbourhoods tend to have less people around during weekdays, at least during the day. Adults will be at work and children in school studying, which means less foot traffic at your location during the day and more space to carefully and safely move your items inside.

This is especially important if you have large and fragile items that require delicate transport. The fewer people there are in the vicinity, the more space and time you have to move your items safely.

With more people away from the neighbourhood during weekdays, you may also find more parking space for moving trucks and personal vehicles. This makes transporting items between locations easier and quicker.


More services

When you’re moving house, you often need to work with many other services to complete your move. Whether it’s your energy provider, Internet service, or your local electrician, working closely with these service providers will ensure a smoother transition into your new home.

Unlike services dedicated to moving and transport, however, these services typically don’t have weekend service hours. This means you’re more likely to get their service on weekdays rather than on weekends. If you want to get their services on the same day of your move (or sometime around it), then it’s best that you schedule your move on a weekday. This way, you won’t have to wait over the weekend to get their service.


Tips to Remember

Moving on weekdays may be better in most cases, but it may not always be the answer for your case. Like any other recommendation, it ultimately depends on your situation. Consider all factors involved in your move, and select the best option for your needs and budget.

If you do decide to move on a weekday, however, keep these pointers in mind to take full advantage of it.

  • Schedule your move in between peak traffic hours – this will help you avoid traffic jams during peak hours.
  • Look for people to help – it might be hard to find available people on weekdays, but the additional hands can make your move much faster and easier.
  • Plan in advance – moving on weekdays often means you’ll have to take leave from your work. Consider this beforehand so you can plan your day accordingly.


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