If you’re moving house or have a lot of equipment to get from A to B then hiring a truck is your best option without a doubt.

Abel Truck

More is Less

Quite simply, the more room you have for each load, the less you will have to do. With a 3 tonne capacity and loads of room inside, you can move the average three bedroom home in just one trip with one of our hire trucks. This means less time, energy and stress, not to mention lower fuel costs.

If you’ve ever moved house before you will be only too aware just how important these factors are!

Save your energy

All of Abel’s hire trucks have a hydraulic tailgate that lowers all the way to the ground so when it comes to load the fridge, couch and that old TV you’ve been meaning to throw out, the tailgate can do the heavy lifting for you. By the end of the day this feature alone almost pays for itself!

Once you’ve got everything on board, its time to tie it all down. This process becomes considerably easier in a pantec truck since you don’t have to worry about anything being blown out during the trip. The inside is lined with sturdy tie rails that make it just that much easier to secure your items properly.

Abel Rope Hire

Don’t forget that Abel has trolleys and ropes available, talk to our friendly staff in-store!

Safe and secure

Another major advantage of the pantec trucks is that they are completely sealed so you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting wet along the way.

If you do have to stop somewhere, the tailgate is lockable so everything is safe and secure and you have one less thing to worry about.

Easy Does It

One of the more common concerns that we hear is that driving one of these trucks is difficult or requires a special license but this is simply not true. Our Isuzu hire trucks require nothing more than a standard driver’s license and they are fully automatic so it really is just like driving a big ute. In fact, when it comes to manoeuvring in tight driveways and car parks, these trucks are much easier than trying to work with a trailer.

If you’re still unsure about the best option to suit your needs, just pick up the phone or come down to your local Abel office and chat to our friendly staff, they will be happy to show you around.